Easton Gift Cards

I thought I was the lucky recipient of an Easton Gift card.  Someone gave me an Easton Towne Center Gift card for my birthday a few years ago.  I do remember getting it and was excited about it because Easton is my favorite place to shop!!  However, somehow the gift card got lost in my purse and I forgot about it until now.

I recently bought a new purse which gave me an excuse to clean out the old purse and transfer my purse junk into the new purse.  So as I’m cleaning out my purse, I find this Easton gift card and I’m all excited because I had something I wanted to buy at a store in the Easton Towne Center.

However, I quickly became disappointed when I tried to use my gift card – which was originally worth $50.00 and now was worth only $2.00.  I knew I hadn’t yet used this gift card and couldn’t figure out why there was only $2.00 left.  The cashier said – did you read the small print on the back of the card?  Of course I didn’t read any small print on the back of a gift card.

Here’s what the small print says: Usable only for purchases at authorized merchants. Not usable for gratuities nor refundable or redeemable for cash or credit,unless required by law. Unless prohibited by law, a nonrefundable $2.00 maintenance fee will be deducted each month from the card balance, starting on the day after the first year anniversary of the date the card is purchased. Purchase or use of card constitutes acceptance of these terms and additional terms in the accompanying Cardholder Agreement (I don’t remember getting a cardholder agreement with this gift card).

Needless to say, I have learned my lesson and will now read the fine print on the back of any gift cards I happen to get.

So I’m recommending to all my friends and family members who might be tempted to get me an Easton Towne Center Gift Card in the future, to please think of something else.  I do appreciate the thoughtfulness, but would rather have something that I don’t have to worry about being devalued if I don’t use it right away.  I’m disappointed that the $50.00 is now gone to nothing and I didn’t get to spend it!!

I’m also sharing this story because I bet there are others who don’t realize that gift cards can lose value over time.  So you may want to consider reading any small print before buying your loved one a gift card.

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