Columbus Ohio Real Estate Success Stories

Reviews can be a helpful resource when choosing a Columbus real estate agent. I don't believe in paying for fake celebrity endorsements, instead I cherish these real endorsements from past clients who share their genuine, honest success stories. Hopefully, they inspire you to CONTACT PETRA at 614-746-2115, when you're ready to sell or buy your next home.

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When we decided to purchase our first home, we selected Petra to be our agent, largely because we thought her German themed website was pretty cool. We knew nothing about REALTORS, but it turns out we had made the right selection! From the beginning, Petra listened carefully to what we were interested in and set up a personalized listing website where we scrutinized the offerings of probably 100 houses in the Greater Columbus area. As we continually changed what Columbus suburbs we wanted to look into, our price ranges, square footage requirements, and more over a several month span, Petra patiently and happily worked with us until we finally settled on the parameters that suited our family the best. When we finally selected a house, Petra stepped up her performance and even more as she guided us through the negotiating process. She also worked with us at any hour of the day. Because of her great experience and professionalism, we ended up getting an amazing deal on a house we love in an area that suits our needs perfectly. Thank you very much for your efforts every step of the way!

(Helped them buy their first home in Gahanna, Ohio)Drew Stafford and Candace Moser-Stafford

Petra, I really appreciate all that you did for my parents - I know that they were A LOT of work! Your knowledge, professionalism and guidance was exactly what they needed. You handled them with a firm hand, got the job done, and they are singing your praises! Thank you so much!

(Sold her parents Gahanna home in Brentwood Estates)LaTicia White, Realtor, Envirian of Reston

My partner and I spent lots of time searching for a home on the internet and driving around various communities. We became very frustrated because many homes with "For Sale" signs were in contract and most of the homes on-line were too. Within hours of contacting Petra, we found our dream house. We made an offer and were on our way to becoming home owners. Our advice, save yourself the frustration of looking independently, find a GOOD REAL ESTATE AGENT! Petra heard everything we were looking for and went to work immediately. Thanks Petra!

(Helped them buy their first home in Westerville, Ohio - Blendon Township)Amy & Kelly Green - Westerville, Ohio home owner

We contacted Petra to ask if selling our home of 10 years to step up to a bigger one was possible. Not only was it, she helped every step of the way. From recommending things we could do to make our home more appealing to buyers, to carefully pricing it and marketing it, she made the process much easier than it could have been. What really blew us away was Petra's marketing. She took fantastic pictures of the house, designed a beautiful flyer, created a virtual online tour with narration, and listed us on many web sites. The exposure was tremendous. In fact, as we searched the listings for our next home, it really showed how much better ours was marketed than most. When it came to buying, Petra patiently listened, worked with our schedule, and took us to any home we wanted to see. She gave great input on pluses and minuses for each, including many things we wouldn't have thought of, like future resale value. In less than two months from listing, our house got an offer. Petra made sure the contract stipulated an extra week of possession after closing so we could have time to prepare our next home and move. There were no ideal homes on the listings for us that day, but one popped up the next day and we thought it would be perfect. That afternoon Petra met us there, and we were hooked at the front door. By the next day we had our offer accepted and were in contract to both sell the old house and buy the new one. Petra was helpful and proactive every step of the way. We couldn't have picked a better REALTOR®, and are immensely thankful for Petra's work and can-do attitude that made the whole process much easier than we expected. Thanks, Petra! We whole-heartedly recommend you for anyone buying or selling!

(I sold their Gahanna home and helped them buy their 2nd home in Gahanna)Al & Tawny Whicker - Gahanna Ohio home seller and buyer

I worked with Petra to sell my home during the tough housing market in Spring 2007. She was terrific to work with both during the listing process and during negotiations. I have worked with realtors in other cities before, and compared to those experiences, Petra is in a class by herself in terms of the amount of thoughtful attention and time she spends with each client, and her frank and honest communication style. Prior to listing, she recommended upgrades that I needed to have done and she also went the extra step to connect us with service providers who did the work quickly and affordably. Her suggestions were spot on, significantly improved the home's appearance, and ultimately resulted in the home selling quickly. I was very impressed with the time she invested in monitoring the sale of my home while it was listed: she followed up after each showing to get feedback from the other realtors on their clients' response to the home. Once offers started arriving, Petra's negotiating skills truly astounded me. Thanks to her calm but firm negotiation, our house eventually sold for over $10K more than the initial offer. I wholeheartedly recommend Petra if you are looking to buy or sell a home in Columbus Ohio.

(I sold their home in Northwest Columbus Ohio - Upper Arlington, Riverside Hospital and OSU area)Donna Byron - Columbus Ohio home seller

We found Petra on the internet and called her to see our first house. She was very professional, very informative, and most importantly determined and passionate about finding a house to best suite our needs. Soon we were excited to learn her reputation was one of the best in Columbus. A couple weeks later we set up a day to view several houses. After viewing a few we still didn't have that "I gotta have that home feeling." Petra then convinced us to view a home that just went on the market. We didn't want to, but gave her the benefit of the doubt, and sure enough she was right. It was the home we were looking for. If it were not for Petra's expert opinion and determination we wouldn't have found "our" perfect fit. Petra's team was great and very flexible in meeting all of our demands and needs. THANK YOU!

(purchased a Gahanna home in Westerville schools)Molly and Chris Harr - Gahanna, Ohio home owners

I had been looking to purchase a condo or a home for over the last 1 1/2 years. It was a very long and cumbersome process, mostly because I thought I could do it on my own. I would look online and then through the newspaper for homes in the area close to my work. Needless to say, I was running in circles and unable to find anything that "fit" what I was looking for. I was also busy with work and life like everyone else and I knew I wasn't born to be a realtor but I was trying to be one anyway. By chance I called on a home I saw for sale while driving by and Petra was the listing agent. She asked me if I needed help and I agreed that I would love to have someone help me in my quest for a home. Petra was very attentive and professional in her approach. She helped me narrow down the huge list of condos available and gave me direction as to the communities and neighborhoods that she felt I would most enjoy calling home. With her prompt service and hard work, I was able to take full advantage of the "buyers" market opportunities and bought a beautiful condo at an incredible price. The amount of time it took Petra to get me into the home I've been waiting for was under 90 days! I couldn't have asked for a better agent or a better home!!!

(bought a beautiful, foreclosure bank owned, Truberry built condo in Powell Ohio)Dr. Mackenzie Pamer - Powell, Ohio Condo Owner

Petra, Thanks so much for: #1 Your patience and appropriate guidance during the search for my "perfect" Westerville home! Your individual emails with house/condo ideas were helpful, but all the times you met with me to show me what was on the market were appreciated. #2 Thank you for your help with making interior design selections in my new build condo. Your suggestions definitely enhanced the beauty of my new condo and I will enjoy them for years to come. #3 Thanks for the assistance/guidance with financing to help me get the best interest rate possible. #4 Thank you for suggesting the movers; they did a nice job. #5 Thank you for the offer to come back to make sure that the builder does what they have promised to do. You are a guardian angel!

(Relocated from Elida Ohio due to a new job at St. Ann's Hospital in Westerville - bought a new build Condo in Westerville Ohio - on a beautiful ravine lot close to the Polaris Mall area.)Mary T, Happy Westerville Condo owner

I really appreciate all you did to help me find my squeeky clean, new condo that I like very, very much! When I came up for a quick 3 day house hunting trip, I was amazed with the number of places you had lined up for me to see! The amount of time you must have spent setting up 45 places to be seen in a 3 day period told me right away that you are committed to make the most of your client's time. I asked that you show me mostly condominiums. Later, after I had made the move to Columbus, you listened to my desire to see houses. Each time I changed the price range or the house-type, your website showed the choices for me to review and off we would go to look at them. I really appreciate the time you spent with me showing all the houses and condos to me. Even when the time came to make an offer on the place I wanted, you advised me to offer a lower price than I would have otherwise. That was the icing on the cake for me, I got the place I wanted and at a lower price because of your hard work. Because of your knowledge of the communities and your work practices, I recommend you to others every chance I get.

(Relocated from Iowa due to a job transfer with DFAS - Columbus and bought a nearly new Reynoldsburg condo close to Pickerington)Sue Rice - Reynoldsburg, Ohio condo owner

We had a very short time to find and buy a home. A friend recommended Petra, telling us how hard she had work for them finding just the right house in the Columbus area. It was a holiday weekend that we would be in town to look at houses. Petra listened to what we wanted and needed in a home, sent us the listings by email and constructed a personal site we could go to filter through all the listings she sent saving favorite, maybe and no lists. It was a breeze finding the right home with Petra. What a pleasure it was to work with her. Buying a home is always a stressful and at times anxious process, but Petra always kept her cool and she helped us through this trying time with minimum stress and anxiety for us. She works hard and really comes through!

(Relocated from Florida due to a job transfer and bought an existing home in Westerville Schools.)Steve & Kathy Weber -Westerville, Ohio home owner

Petra you did a good job with selling my home, the advertising and showings were many with less than 30 days on the market! I very much appreciated when you first saw the house and went from room to room and pointed out each of their problems and the suggestions you made.

(I sold her home in Gahanna Ohio)Stacy Chafin - Gahanna, Ohio home seller

I very much appreciate the time and attention you spent showing me so many homes in record time! When I think of all the homes we toured and how much my criteria changed from the beginning to the end of the process, I am so thankful for your patience and persistence. But above all I appreciate your candor and professionalism in partnering with me to find the right house, not just any house. I will definitely recommend your services to my friends and family!

(Relocated from Chicago area and bought a home in Westerville, Ohio)Melanie Swan - Westerville, Ohio home owner

Petra was the best thing that could have possibly happened to us for our home search in Columbus. She was able to listen to our likes and dislikes and come up with suggestions for homes we never would have found ourselves. She went above and beyond the call of duty in showing us homes all over Central Ohio. Where she really "shined" was when we started our negotiation process. She was able to find comparables for each neighborhood that demonstrated for us the price we should be offering. During the "back and forth" she was steadfast and then flexible. She was whatever the situation called for. You definitely want her on your team and not playing against you. I would highly recommend Petra Hinterschied for finding your next home anywhere in Columbus Ohio.

(Relocated from Kentucky and bought a home in Westerville Ohio)Dale & Danica Jefferson - Westerville, Ohio home owners

The experience of selling a home can be complicated and frustrating, especially in the tough buyers market of 2007. Petra helped us sell our home in Blacklick, quickly by pricing it correctly and marketing the property well. She also did a great job with the contract negotiation. I would highly recommend Petra to anyone looking for an experienced and dedicated realtor!

(Sold her home in Blacklick Ohio in less than 60 days)Dawn Thorne - Blacklick, Ohio home seller

I was searching for a home in the Worthington School District-and had given up on finding anything in my price range for the amount I was able to spend. After seeing Petra's website-I was hooked. The site was not "run of the mill". Petra was as interesting and delightful as her site. I found a house that met all of my basic requirements and that was just around the corner from where I was renting. She was always available when I needed her and was very helpful-even coming to my workplace to deliver papers when they were needed immediately. She could tell when I walked in that I wanted the house-and gave me advice about an offer that proved to be true. I am very happy in my new place. It was in good shape-and I still "love my house". As with any house, there are always things that you want to change to make it truly "home", but they are cosmetic and ever-changing, just like life.

(Purchased home in Worthington Schools - Columbus mailing address)Kathy Widman - Worthington, Ohio home owner

Having had little luck in finding the ultimate house on our own, we were becoming rather dejected. There were many houses that were close, except for (fill in the blank). We were beginning to succumb to compromise when Kelly found Petra and began looking. Petra listened to all of the characteristics we were looking for in a home and quickly began pulling together possibilities. We renewed our sense of excitement as we suddenly began finding homes that somehow had missed our scrutiny before. Once our house had sold (outside of Columbus) Petra found the house we had been looking for at the price we were willing to pay. With no time between selling and buying, the transition flowed very smoothly . . . and we were home! Thanks Petra!

(relocated from Zanesville area to buy home in Lewis Center Ohio)Doug and Kelly Bond - Lewis Center, Ohio home owner

I can't believe how easy it was to sell our home in Gahanna and buy our next one in such little time! Petra made the process run so smoothly it was like we didn't have to do a thing. She sold our home in only 25 days!

(Chris works at DFAS Columbus and wanted to stay close. So I sold their first home in Gahanna and helped them purchase their 2nd Gahanna home) Chris & Sheri Kelsey - Gahanna, Ohio home owners

We relocated from Charlotte, NC and found working with Petra to be a very pleasant experience. She listened to the type of home we were interested in, and only presented us with homes that met our criteria. We finally found a home in Powell, Ohio. It took a while, but Petra was patient and showed that she was more interested in making sure we get the right home than in a 'commission check'. She is a rarity in her profession and I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone. Thanks Petra for all your help!

(Relocated from Charlotte, NC to buy new build spec home in Powell, Ohio)Carlos & Edna Marcal - Powell, Ohio home owners

Petra, you did a great job with locating our new home and selling our Clintonville home in only 9 days! You listened to what we wanted in a home, were very prompt in setting up appointments to see potential homes and worked around our schedule.

(Sold their home in Clintonville and buy their new home in Powell Ohio)Deb & Dwan Holmes - Clintonville & Powell, Ohio home owners

Petra Hinterschied made house buying extremely easy, and fun besides. My son worked with Petra, but I came along for the ride, so to speak. If it weren't for her expertise, my son would have ended up with a house with a foundation that was deteriorating. Petra was the one who told him to move on. She was extremely patient; my son had certain ideas in his mind, and even when I felt we had found a wonderful place, my son wanted to see more. Over and over again, Petra, for a period of 4 months worked constantly with my son and his 7 year old daughter to find the right home. Petra willingly made changes, helped him find what he wanted, and always talked to him with respect and patience. I think Petra's greatest quality is her ability to stay calm and deliver for her clients. I don't think there is anyone else who could have worked so well with my son who had set ideas. I would recommend Petra to anyone looking for a home anywhere in Central Ohio. Actually, I will miss the enjoyable times we went house hunting together.

(Linda's Son purchased home in Blacklick Ohio) Linda Houston - for my son in Blacklick Ohio

My husband and I contacted Petra after finding her on the Internet and when I read all of the great success stories, I knew that she must have been pretty good. Mind you, I was a little nervous getting involved with someone I found on the Internet but it payed off wonderfully. I couldn't have asked for a better Realtor. She contacted me immediately after my first initial e-mail to her and she told us what we needed to have and do in order to get prepared as first time home buyers. Once we were ready, I contacted her again and she took it from there. The daily listings of homes were great. Very detailed and she sent exactly what we were looking for. Even when I wasn't sure what we wanted, it seemed that she knew exactly what we were looking for. She was always available when we needed to talk to her or if we had any questions for her and she never made us feel silly when we asked the same questions over and over. She found us a wonderful home in Reynoldsburg, within a few weeks and only after looking at a few homes. She gave her honest opinion about the homes and treated us like family by not letting us get into something she knew we wouldn't like in the long run. Petra is absolutely wonderful. We couldn't be happier with our home or our decision to work with Petra. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants an honest and down to earth Realtor such as herself. She even invited us to her house for Thanksgiving when she knew we weren't going to having one!!!! That says a lot about someones character. I can't say enough good things about her!!

Thank you Petra, you've truly made us one happy family. (moved from Gahanna to buy home in Reynoldsburg Ohio) Brad & Heather Ellinger - Reynoldsburg, Ohio home owners

We were relocating from Dayton and began searching for homes in the Columbus area, through Petra's well designed and easy to navigate website. When the time came to start looking at homes we called Petra and she immediately went to work scheduling the homes we wanted to see. She also took the time to pick out other homes and emailed them so we could choose more to see. She spent several days showing us homes all over Central Ohio and was very helpful, always answering our many questions. When we finally found the home we wanted, Petra was successful at negotiating to bring the price down to what we wanted to pay. We are very happy we chose Petra to help us find our new home in Westerville!

Greg & Amy Craig - Westerville, Ohio home owners

I was amazed that after our first conversation, you had suggested the very house we would end up buying! You listened very well to what we wanted, and were very honest with us.

(purchased home in Westerville Ohio)Kristen & Robert Christianer - Westerville, Ohio home owners

What can I say, "Petra did it again!". She sold my Gahanna home for 100% of list price in only 12 days. Her insight and dedication into the ever changing real estate market is truly invaluable. She has saved me thousands of dollars over the past few years with her individualized marketing plans. THANK YOU PETRA!

(sold home in Gahanna and built a new home in Westerville - so far I've helped Christopher sell an investment property in Gahanna, buy and sell a home in Gahanna and then build a new home in Westerville)Christopher Nichols - Gahanna, Ohio home seller

My wife and I were looking to relocate from Phoenix, AZ and buy a home in Grandview Heights. We did a lot of research on the Net, and were referred to Petra via a lending service. We already had two negative experiences with previous realtors that were either pushy and condescending, or inexperienced and not proactive. What a relief it was to find Petra! She is always well prepared and knowlegeable, but never once seemed pushy or annoyed at all of the questions we were asking. If we had a list of 10 homes to see, she came with 15. In fact, after a day of looking at homes that were not what we wanted, (plus carrying our 4 month old baby around), Petra asked if we wanted to see some homes she added to our list. Reluctantly, we caved. The house was perfect and happens to be the one we live in today. If it weren't for Petra, and her knowledge and willingness to listen and understand our needs, we would have never found our dream home, and unlike some realtors, she never gave a second thought at looking at a "For Sale by Owner." Coincidentally, the home we loved was way overpriced and we didn't even bother wanting to look since it was above our price range. The reason was the owners had bought it "For Sale by Owner" three years earlier and did not have a realtor working for them to find the comparative home sales for that area. Petra pulled the comps in the area and noticed that recent home sales didn't justify the high asking price. We in turn got the seller and his agent to lower the price by $15,000! By adding in a recent price reduction of the home, we actually saved over $35,000 on the purchase of this house! But wait, there's more! I am always wary of inspectors and service personnel who come "recommended" by a realtor, but every person who Petra recommended went above and beyond their duties to me and my family. She also didn't hesitate to let me know if a person who was on her list of contractors wasn't doing a satisfactory job according to her other clients. In fact, there were so many concerns with inspections, re-inspections and negotiating contracts the only thing constant was Petra's professionalism. If it weren't for her, we wouldn't have found our dream home in our dream neighborhood at such an unbelievable price. Cheers Petra, we can't thank you enough.

(relocated from Arizona and purchased a home in Grandview Heights Ohio) Jim and Anastasia Yue - Grandview Heights home owners

As a first-time home buyer, I didn't have a clue about anything related to buying a home in Central Ohio. A friend had recommended Petra and within MINUTES of me sending an inquiry (on a Wednesday evening), she was calling me on the phone! She listened to what I was interested in, my price range and other concerns and sent me a slew of potential properties to view online. She also got me started on financing by recommending a mortgage broker. By that Saturday, we had narrowed down the list to about 9 or 10 properties to look at and off we went! Saturday night Petra was preparing my bid on my dream house and submitted it on Sunday! My bid was accepted later that day and I was "in contract!" Even though my home buying experience seemed to set land speed records, Petra was very patient with me and explained EVERYTHING - giving me options and making suggestions for how to proceed in the negotiation and purchase of a home. I would recommend Petra to any and everyone looking to buy a home anywhere in Central Ohio. She was patient, funny, honest and totally up front with me about all aspects of buying a home and I appreciated her notebook of home buying tools and information. Petra, thanks for making the purchase of my first home such a wonderful experience!

(purchased home in Gahanna Ohio)Judith Chavis - Gahanna, Ohio home owner

We began the home-buying process hesitantly-we weren't sure when we would be able to get our finances in order or when we would be actually 'ready' to buy a house. Petra did not care. She treated us like royalty. She listened to our desires and our hopes and she tailored her searches to meet our needs. We would probably not have gotten the house we finally ended with if not for her because we started off looking for a home in Bexley, but choices in our price range were limited. So Petra recommended we also look at homes in Clintonville, because home styles were similar but more affordable. Thank you Petra for finding our dream home. We really appreciate all the wonderful help you provided us all throughout the process.

(purchased their first home in Clintonville - Columbus Ohio)Wyk & Gina McGowan - Clintonville, Ohio home owners

While it is exciting researching and looking for your new home, contacting Petra was the next positive move. Petra was knowledgable about homes all over Central Ohio and patient in my search for a new home. She was easy to communicate with and I always felt that she was working to make my new home become a reality. A+

(purchased a home in Blacklick Ohio)Eric Houston - Blacklick, Ohio home owner

Petra did a great job helping us find the right house that fit our desires and worked within our tight time schedule. She even gave up her 3-day weekend after Thanksgiving to allow us to fly to Columbus and look at MANY homes, in a few long days. Throughout the process Petra listened to our desires and helped move us in a direction that fit our needs and desired lifestyle.

(relocated from Texas and purchased a parade home in Pickerington, Ohio)Ross & Kris Wirth - Pickerington, Ohio home owners

My husband and I started looking online for our first home in Pickerington. Soon we found Petra and called her for more information. She gave us a lot of helpful information about what we needed to do to get everything ready to buy our first house. She referred us to an excellent lender who explained all possible options to us. She was very patient and showed us so many homes that we lost count. Finally we found the perfect home. She helped us with negotiations and referred us to a very good home inspector. Petra was everything a first time homebuyer could possibly want in real estate agent. The whole process was completely painless thanks to Petra. We are very pleased with all that she did for us and would recommend her to anyone who is looking to buy a house.

(purchased home in Pickerington schools - Reynoldsburg Ohio address)Jeremy and Keri Hall - Pickerington, Ohio home owners

Dear Petra, I am sitting in our new home enjoying every minute of it. My husband and I really appreciate your diligence to find a house in our price range and to our liking. I would consider us to be “picky” and know that we had a lot of mandatory wants and needs for our potential house, and am pleased that you were able to work within those parameters. Thank you for your expertise, patience and hard work! We like it so much that unfortunately, we won't be needing your services again for a long time- although I will be recommending you to others! Thanks again.

(purchased a home in Westerville schools in Gahanna Ohio)Chris & Julie Faulkner - Gahanna, Ohio home owners

We were referred to Petra by friends of ours who own a mortgage co. (That said a lot right off the bat!) We had done a lot of work on our home to get it ready to list, I called Petra to get her advice on something and she came over the same day! Our house was in contract within 25 days!!!! And we were offered and sold OVER the listing price! We had 10 days per our agreement with the buyer to find a home for our family....we sent Petra a list of MLS #'s from the VERY.....helpful emails she sent us that we wanted to see, she added another home to our list and guess what....that's the one we bought!! We love our new home and we really did rely on Petra's experience, knowledge and honesty! We will definately refer our friends and family to Petra!!! You will feel that you have made a true friend!

(sold home in Westerville schools - Columbus address and moved to their new home in Westerville Ohio) Julie & Joe Herrera - Westerville, Ohio home owners

When I decided to relocate from New York City to Columbus Ohio, I searched the 'net for realtors. I was immediately impressed by the detail of Petra's website. I called her and we made plans to meet. Six months before the move, Petra picked me up at my hotel and drove me around different areas of Columbus so I could get a feel for what I liked. I was pretty unsure and Petra was very patient and informative. On my next visit, I selected homes to view and Petra executed the appointments flawlessly. She pointed out positive and negative qualities of each home which was invaluable for a first time buyer! With her help, I was able to really focus on which options would be best for me. On our third meeting, Petra took me to my beautiful new home. It wasn't even on my list! Other realtors may have been impatient with an indecisive buyer, but Petra had been taking mental notes of my likes and dislikes. She led me right to the perfect home! In the weeks that followed, Petra handled many of the details for me since I was out of state. She went out of her way to schedule inspections for me and guided me through all of the negotiations. She asked for things from the seller that would not have occurred to me. I continued to be impressed by her commitment to excellence. I truly could not have done it without her. From selection to move-in, Petra was with me every step of the way. She is very honest, hard-working and someone I'm proud to call a friend. If you are thinking of buying or selling in this great city, Petra is who you need. Both professionally and personally, Petra is outstanding!

(Relocated from New York and purchased a Gahanna home in Westerville schools)Dr. Dawn Blanton - Westerville, Ohio home owner

I just knew that the process of building a new home would be very stressful, but it wasn't with the help of Petra. The whole process was almost too smooth and went very fast, that I couldn't beleive it. Petra was there every step of the way and even provided me with the help of an interior decorator for FREE at the design center. I love my new home and glad I used Petra's services. Thanks!!!!!

(helped her build a new home in Blacklick Ohio)Tamika M. - Blacklick, Ohio home owner

We were very blessed to have Jim, one of Petra's teammates, to assist us with buying a home. They did an excellent job helping us find a new home. Through the entire process they were very infomative and genuine. We really appreciate their honesty throughout the whole process. We will definitely use their services again in the future. Thanks for all of your help.

(bought their first home in Canal Winchester Ohio)Quinton & Celeste Alcorn- Canal Winchester, Ohio home owner

My partner and I found Petra's website and after learning more about her we decided she was someone we felt comfortable helping us with our big move from Georgia to Columbus Ohio. After speaking with Petra on the phone about our special needs in a condo, she immediately began emailing us listings that were exactly what we were looking for. We had to sell our home first and thought it would go quickly. So we visited Columbus and Petra showed us the area and we looked at some condos. We love the outdoors and nature and really wanted something with a nice view of some trees. One of the condos Petra showed us backed to a park and we really liked it so we decided to make an offer contingent on the sale of our home back in Georgia. That didn't work out because the seller didn't want to take a contingent contract. So we then decided to wait until our home actually went into contract. We were anxious because we knew once our home went in contract we might not have much time to find a new condo here in Columbus. Well about 6 months later our home finally went into contract and as we feared, it happened so quickly that we didn't have time to come back to Columbus to look again. Once we told Petra she immediately began to send us some listings. She pointed out one in particular that she thought was perfect for us (even better than the first one we liked). It met all of our requirements and more, plus it was on a beautiful ravine lot - surrounded by trees!! Petra took lots of pictures and emailed them to us and told us a lot about the property and we trusted that she knew what we wanted. Petra then went to work to negotiate the contract and coordinated everything with our listing agent in Georgia so we could close on the condo from Georgia and move into our condo right away once we made it to Columbus. We are so thrilled with the condo Petra picked for us. It's absolutely beautiful and what a great location!! 10 minutes to Easton and 10 minutes to Polaris!! We just love it and are so happy to be so close to so many things. No matter where you are moving from or to you can trust her to look out for your needs. Petra is one of the best realtors we have ever dealt with and we've moved around alot!!!

(relocated from Georgia to buy a condo in the Westerville/northeast Columbus area)Don & Joe - Westerville, Ohio condo owners

When I made the decision to sell my rental property in Gahanna, I thought it was going to be very difficult. Having worked with Petra in the past, I knew that Petra was my best choice. Not only did my duplex sell in half the time I expected, it sold OVER list price! Petra is one of the most honest, hardworking professionals I know... and I'm a Human Resources Director. By choosing Petra, you will be more informed and educated about your real estate situation than you know possible. What are you waiting for, call her to find out what Petra WILL do for you!

(sold investment property in Gahanna Ohio)Christopher Nichols - Gahanna, Ohio

Petra was able to envision the home I wanted. Her website was helpful in keeping me up on condos that were on the market, but it was Petra who suggested that I look at the condo I fell in love with. She also gave me the name of a great mortgage broker who was friendly, personable, ethical and knowledgeable.

(purchased a condo in Columbus Ohio - West side)Michaele Barsnack - Columbus, Ohio condo owner

My wife and I purchased a detached condo, in the Westerville area. Petra was a tremendous help to us. She took time to discuss our needs, what we were looking for and our price range. Since we were moving from out of town, Petra sent us email with information about houses available. This was a tremendous help to us since our time was limited to travel to Westerville to look at houses. Once we had narrowed our choices, she took us to view the properties, and in a short time we were able to make our choice, make an offer, and before we knew it we were in our new home. I recommend Petra to anyone who is looking for a new home. We are very happy with our new home and we appreciate her helping us find it.

(Purchased a detached condo in the Grand Reserve at Albany Crossing Condominium Community in Westerville)Keith & Kristi Dimbath - Westerville, Ohio condo owners

When we first thought of looking for a new home, we filled out a questionnaire through the internet. Petra called me almost immediately. I didn't think I'd have a chance at buying due to credit problems. Petra put me in touch with the best lender for my situation and within 2 months, we found our dream home and was in my new house. I was amazed. Petra and Jim helped me make a life long dream come true. We couldn't be happier with our new home and we have finally found the place we will stay in for the rest of our time on earth. I would suggest Petra to anyone. If she can help me, she can help anyone.

(purchased a home in Reynodsburg Ohio)Peggy Ellis - Reynoldsburg, Ohio home owner

I had purchased existing homes before, but building a new home was a new experience for me. Petra guided me through the entire process from beginning to end. When concerns arose, she was right there in my corner fighting for me until things were explained or completed to my satisfaction. My concerns were her concerns. She truly cares about her clients! I would definitely recommend her to anyone and would use her services again.

(relocated from Lima Ohio to buy a new build home in Westerville Ohio)Charlotte Owens - Westerville, Ohio home owner

When I needed to relocate from Dublin, I was very nervous and frightened of the prospect of a long, drawn-out sale. However, after contacting Petra and advertising my condo for sale, I was in contract after only ONE DAY!! The timing was perfect for my relocation needs, and Petra was extremely understanding of all the stresses and worries that I was undergoing. She was there to answer all my questions, to explain the process, and to help me in every way. I highly recommend Petra as a buyer or seller's agent. She has the compassion and knowledge to get you through what is to most people an overwhelming task.

(helped her buy this Dublin Ohio condo then sell it because she had to relocate a year later) Rebecca R. - Dublin, Ohio condo seller

As a first time home buyer, I anticipated this experience to be very stressful. However, with the help of Petra everything went smooth. She understood what I was looking for after seeing the first home with me. If I chose a house off the internet, she would look into it and let me know if it is worth looking at. This saved alot of time and energy for me. Petra is very personable, but yet very proffessional. She is not just another realtor, she is a friend. I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!!!!!

(helped her buy a home in Groveport schools - South Columbus Ohio)Patrice Johnston - Groveport, Ohio home owner

Petra did an excellent job finding us a new home and selling our old home in Hilliard. In fact, our old home sold in just 5 days at over 98% of the list price! We enjoyed working with Petra. She made the buying and selling of a home seem less complicated than we thought it would be. Should we have to move again, we would call Petra for sure! We recommend you use Petra as your realtor! You'll be glad you did! Thanks Petra!!!

(sold their home in Hilliard schools and helped them buy their 2nd Hilliard Ohio home)Lori and Mike Montella - Hilliard, Ohio home owners

Petra was very friendly and great in helping us find our condo in Dublin Ohio. She was very knowledgeable about the area and was able to help me close the deal. She was relentless about getting exactly what we asked for from the seller. Petra ultimately got us exactly what we wanted. Our family is now moving to Dublin from West Virginia. Thanks for everything!

(Helped them buy a new Dublin Ohio condo) Jeannie and Michael Johnson - Dublin, Ohio condo owners

Petra was great in helping us get the best deal and price on our Westerville home, as well as working with our lender. She saved us thousands of dollars that we can now incorporate into our new home. Thanks for your help.

(bought a home in Westerville Ohio)Greg and Jamie Phillips - Westerville, Ohio home owners

Relocation is a extremely stressful time for a family leaving their home behind and moving into a new area. Petra not only found our dream house but also helped us in getting to know the new area and not feel so out of place. She helped in our locating schools for our children, utilities, recreation facilities and made our closing extremely easy. I would highly recommend Petra for anyone wanting or needing to relocate to the Columbus area.

(relocated from Florida and bought a home in Powell Ohio)James Rentschler - Powell, Ohio home owners

Being a first time home buyer, I didn't have a very big budget. Petra helped me find the perfect home and was able to negotiate with the sellers to get the home for the price I needed. Thanks a lot Petra!

(helped her buy her first home in Grove City Ohio)Kristi Tanner - Grove City, Ohio home owner

When purchasing our first home, we liked that you fought for us every step of the way to make sure that we got everything we were hoping for. We would definitely use your services again and recommend you to our friends and family.

(helped them buy their first home in Westerville Ohio)Rachel & Arturo Sanabria - Westerville, Ohio home owners

I moved to Columbus from out of town and Petra helped make the move go flawlessly. She was willing to put in some long hours searching with my wife and I on the weekends since we were out of town during the week. The house we found wasn't even on our list, but she had found it while helping another couple search and thought it would be a perfect fit for us. Sure enough, she was right. She was very informative from our initial contact until well after we purchased our home and had moved in. Thanks Petra!

(helped them buy a home in Worthington Schools - Columbus Ohio)Tom & Laura Woodrum - Worthington, Ohio home owners

Petra, we would like to thank you for all the work you did in helping us sell our Gahanna home and build our new home in Granville. Your help and guidance made what could have been a stressful time very enjoyable. My wife and I were pleasantly surprised that we were able to sell our home within 20 days at the full asking price. As for your assistance in finding a lot, and a builder to build our dream home, we couldn't have been more pleased, and your free interior design service was invaluable when it came to making design decisions for our new home. Your concern for our satisfaction was obvious and very much appreciated. We would highly recommend your services. Again thank you very much for your help.

(helped them sell their first home in Westerville Schools - Gahanna area and build a new home in Granville Ohio)Michael and Elaine Howley - Granville, Ohio home owners

As first time home buyers, we had heard a lot of horror stories about problems each step of the way from friends and family about the homebuying process, so we were nervous about going at this on our own. We started looking by ourselves and were already worrying about the homes we were finding, then Petra came along!!!! She sent us e-mails with lists of homes and after one afternoon, bad weather and all, we found the perfect home for us, not only that, she helped explain each and every step of the way, and we did not experience one single problem, much to the dismay of a few folks who had problems themselves. She never lost patience and was always quick to respond and very reassuring. In less than a week after our first conversation we were in contract. I highly recommend Petra!!!

(helped them buy their first home in Westerville schools - Columbus Ohio)Mark & Cheryl Brown - Westerville, Ohio home owners

My daughter and I decided to relocate to Columbus Ohio. We had never been to Columbus before, but we were looking for a change and hoping that Columbus would be the place for us. I came across Petra's name while I was doing an internet search, and I decided to give her a call. From the moment I spoke with her, I knew Petra was the right REALTOR® for me. I gave Petra the specifics of what I was looking for and she went to work for me. We met up with Petra on our first visit to Columbus. I was very impressed with her professionalism and knowledge for her field. She took us to several houses that fit the criteria that I was looking for. She also really listened to my needs to help me decide which area of Central Ohio would best suit my family needs. Petra even sent me weekly emails that kept me posted on new listings. It wasn't long until Petra brought us to our perfect home. Everything we wanted was here. I know that when I am ready to move up the home ownership ladder, Petra will be the only realtor I will call. Thanks Petra for your excellent work.

(relocated from Washington DC and helped her buy a home in Canal Winchester Ohio)Crystal & Jordan H. - Canal Winchester, Ohio home owners

While living in Miami, FL, we enlisted Petra's help in looking for a home in Columbus. Not knowing much about Columbus and its sprawling network of neighborhoods, we relied on Petra over the course of two visits to take us from town to town and house to house, so we could determine the merits of each for ourselves. This would have made for a maddening experience for even the most accommodating of Realtors. And yet, Petra cheerfully soldiered on with us every step of the way until we found our perfect home. That was just the beginning. We returned to Miami, and as we prepared for our move to Columbus, the second big hurricane of the year, Wilma, came tearing through. Because of the damage it caused, the closing on our house in Miami was held up indefinitely. In the meantime, we were due to close on a condo in Columbus. We were faced with our worst nightmare. Petra came through for us again-making calls on our behalf, buying more time for us, pulling strings here and there-until all was okay. As it turned out, we closed on our house in Miami a month later than originally planned. Petra, in the meantime, was able to smooth things over with the sellers of our house in Columbus, who hung in there with us until all was settled in Miami. All's well that ends well-thanks to Petra.

(relocated from Florida and helped them buy a luxury condo in Gahanna Ohio)Jim & Steve - Gahanna, Ohio home owners

You are an incredibly hard worker - from finding homes for us to doing all you could to get our house ready to sell. We especially appreciated your aggressive efforts to sell our home. You were very involved in getting information to us, answering our questions and helping all the details move along. Your commitment and willingness to do whatever it took, made a big impact.

(helped them sell their first Clintonville home and buy their 2nd home in Northwest Columbus Ohio) Jay & Patty Young - Clintonville, Ohio home owners

What more can I say - she helped my wife and I greatly from the very first day we met. She was one of the most patient real estate agents we have encountered. Not only did she help us find our dream home, she helped us find several other winners as well. So if you're looking dont hesitate to call BIG "P". SHE might be SMALL but she delivers HUGE...

(bought a home in Worthington Ohio School district)Alphonso Hughes - Worthington, Ohio home owners

This was our first time buying a house. We both just graduated from college a year before and did not want to rent anymore. Petra helped us find a house in Gahanna and in the price range we were looking for. Petra and her assistant returned my calls within minutes and were able to answer any question I might of had. We know for sure who we will call next time we buy a house!

(helped them buy their first Gahanna home)Samantha & Eric - Gahanna, Ohio home owners

We had a wonderful experience with Petra and Remax Connection! We found out that our company was moving us to Columbus from Texas. They gave us 5 weeks to find a home in Columbus Ohio and get moved. We contacted Petra and she immediately began to search for us. We traveled to Columbus and she had numerous showings lined up for us. We found a wonderfully cared for home in the heart of Clintonville. We are loving it thanks to Petra and a painless home purchase! Thanks Petra!

(relocated from Texas and bought a Clintvonville home in Columbus Ohio)Michael & Lisa White - Clintonville, Ohio home owners

I can't imagine you doing more for us, you pretty much did everything accept give us the money for the home. You took a clueless house hunting couple and helped us find a wonderful home for our family. We can't thank you enough, Petra.

(helped them buy their first home in Worthington Ohio schools district)Victoria Escobar & Michael Sylvester - Worthington Ohio home owners