Columbus Ohio House Hunting Shoes

I keep thinking I should include a helpful tip about house hunting that most people don’t even think about.  We have shoes for runnning, walking, relaxing, hunting, working, going to the beach and well you get the picture by now.  

I was out showing condos in Powell, Lewis Center, Dublin, Westerville and New Albany today and several of the condos had notes requesting we remove our shoes.  Some of the condos were new builds, some were newer and some were, well not so new looking anymore.  But still the request to remove our shoes seemed to be common.   While I certainly think it’s a great idea to remove your shoes for showings, to help keep floors clean, it certainly can slow down the process of looking at homes.   

The buyers I was showing condos to were an older couple relocating to Columbus Ohio from the Knoxville Tennessee area and they found it quite inconvenient to constantly untie their sneakers and remove them.  But being from a more polite and compliant generation, they complied with the requests. Then it got a little more interesting when one condo actually had some hospital scrub type slippers that could fit over your shoes.  The buyers thought this might be easier than having to untie their sneakers and then put them back on again.  Well, imagine standing in the doorway,  balancing on one foot while trying to stretch these one size fits all slippers over your sneakers.  I consider myself to be somewhat coordinated – I say this because people are always commenting on how gifted I am at doing so many things while driving (you know as a REALTOR® I can’t just drive, I often find myself talking, eating, writing, mapping, etc. all while driving.  Of course, I usually count on the lucky buyer sitting in the passenger seat to help keep an eye on the road to make sure it doesn’t somehow dissapear on us.  But as coordinated as I am, I still find it challenging to stretch those slippers over my average size shoes.

So . . . In an effort to make house hunting in Columbus Ohio easier for buyers, I’m recommending you consider what shoes you’re going to wear before the hunt.  Just like any adventure, the shoes you choose to wear can certainly enhance the experience.  Just what would the ideal house hunting shoes be like, you might ask?  Simple . . . something that can easily be slipped off and back on again – without untying, yet comfortable enough to climb stairs and treck to and from the house hunting vehicle.  Some suggestions include: clogs, sandals and loafers.  

P.S. Happy House Hunting 

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