Benefits of a Keyless Entry For Your Garage

If you’ve ever had to go in the house to open or close the garage door while doing yard work, get bikes out, or have ever lost your keys or remote, here are a few reasons why a wireless keypad it is a great accessory for your garage.

No Keys to Lose

The biggest benefit is probably not needing to carry another key on your keyring.  A keyless entry operates through the use of a keypad, where you simply press in a numeric code instead of using a key.

Multiple Access

There may be times when you need someone to enter your home when you are not there (repairman, babysitter, while you’re on vacation, etc).  You may want someone to water your plants, feed the cat, or make sure the fish are still swimming. Having a keyless entry pad for your garage door opener will allow them to enter without having to worry about using a key. Simply let them know the code and they can come and go as they please.

Changing Your Code

Another great benefit, especially if you have given out your code to several people, is the ability to change it when you want to. It is recommended that you change the entry code on a regular schedule in case someone has it that you do not want to let in more than once.

Using A Guest Code

Besides changing the code for your keyless entry garage door opener, some models allow the use of a temporary guest code. This is a code that will only work for a specified period of time. After that time is over, the code will no longer work.

Forgot Garage Door Opener

Not only is the keyless entry garage door opener convenient for helping others into your home, it can also get you out of a jam. Besides losing or forgetting keys, you could misplace their garage door opener or the battery could stop working.

Wireless Control

Another benefit for this type of garage door opener is that it is not connected through the use of wires. You can install it anywhere on your garage door that you would like without worrying about running wires to the garage door opener itself. It works by sending the information to the motor. When the right code has been entered, the door opens or closes. I’ve seen people put them on their patio, so the door is open when they get there.  Handy to have during inclement weather!

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