Rascal Unit Spay Day February 23 2010


If you have a puppy and are looking for affordable veterinarian services in the Columbus Ohio area, you’ll want to take advantage of this extremely low price to spay your puppy.

Rascal Unit Spay Day 2010 – Spotlight: Puppies

On February 23, 2010 (National Spay Day) Rascal Charities and Rascal Unit will celebrate by sterilizing 50-60 puppies. We want to educate pet owners about the benefits of early sterilization and the importance of wellness care and training.  There are still some surgery appointments available for this event. If you have a puppy or know of someone that has a puppy, have them contact us for more information.

We will be scheduling puppies between 3 and 6 months of age. For a cost of $25 per puppy, we will offer:
– Sterilization surgery
– Deworming and heartworm prevention (Interceptor puppy pack)
– 24 Pet Watch Microchip (includes registration)
– Flea treatment if fleas are noted
– Information on training

Pet owners scheduling at the Rascal Unit office must show proof of financial need (see items 2 & 3 on our guidelines page at http://ent.groundspring.org/EmailNow/pub.php?module=URLTracker&cmd=track&j=309645845&u=3454050). To check availability, contact us at event@rascalunit.com.

Our sponsors for this event are the Franklin County Dog Shelter, Pets Without Parents, and the Powell Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). More information about this event and links to our sponsors are available at our website http://ent.groundspring.org/EmailNow/pub.php?module=URLTracker&cmd=track&j=309645845&u=3454051.

Thank you for your continued support. Together we can do our part to fight pet overpopulation in Ohio.

We have used Rascal Unit to have our dog spayed and for routine preventative veterinary care and have found them to be the most affordable veterinary services in Columbus Ohio.   They are providing a great service for pet owners in the Columbus Ohio area, with much needed savings in these economic times.

Rascal Unit Spay Day 2010 Was A Success

The Rascal Unit and Rascal Charities Sterilized 49 Puppies During Spay Day! On February 23, 2010 both Rascal Unit trucks were full of young dogs presented for surgery. In celebration of National Spay Day, we sterilized 49 puppies at a cost to the owner of $25. The puppies also received an update on vaccines, a dose of heart worm preventive, and a microchip. Our goal was to help spread the word about the importance of early sterilization and proper puppy care.

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