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I had to go to my dog’s vet, Lifetime Pet Wellness Center, at 454 Lazelle Road, Columbus, Ohio 43240 yesterday to pick up some supplements to help with a digestion problem he’s been having.  I noticed a brochure entitled Lifetime Pet Wellness Center Pet Salon.  I was curious what they considered a “pet salon” so I began reading some of the services they offer.

There are the typical grooming, bath,  dematting, nail trimming, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, etc.  What really caught my eye though were the spa services.  Here’s what the **Spa Package** includes:

Blueberry Facial – tearless shampoo that brightens your pets face and leaves a fresh scent.  Uses aromatherapy that is calming as well.

Upgraded Shampoo of your choice
Whitening – Brightens whites and all other colors as well
Oatmeal – Best for sensitive flaky skin
Herbal: All natural shampoo for any coat

Conditioner – great for dry skin and coat.  Also great as a detangler

Revitalizing Spray – finishing spray that seals and protects your pets coat.

I thought this was so funny, so I asked the lady at the counter if people really do all this for their pets.  She very enthusiastically explained yes because it’s just so wonderful for the dogs.  She went on to describe how the blueberry facial makes their face smell so good and brightens their fur and the dogs really seem to like the smell too.  She said it was like aromatherapy for the dogs because she thought it helped to relax them. Inside I’m thinking – do people really do all this for their dogs?

While I’m sure I’d personally love it if my dog could smell like blueberries – I know for sure that my crazy dog is more into smelling stinky.  He actually just got groomed today and got his doggy bath and the groomer then sprays some clean smelling finishing spray on him – so he typically smells good for maybe two days.  Well usually the first thing he does after getting groomed is to come inside the house and roll around all over the floor – like he’s trying to wipe the clean smell off or something.  Well today right after he got groomed, he wanted me to let him out in the back yard.  He was out there for a while and I didn’t think anything of it.  When I let him back in the house, he smelled horrible – he had rolled in God knows what and now he stinks!!  So unfortunately for me, my crazy dog would rather stink than smell good.

So while I realize grooming has many other benefits – I’m a bit frustrated that my dog doesn’t enjoy his clean smelling self.

We really love our vet at the Lifetime Pet Wellness Center because they tend to take as non invasive approach as possible including prescribing natural remedies instead of drugs, whenever possible.  I always appreciate this approach because many drugs have side effects and I’ve found that many natural alternatives are effective with less side effects.  The Lifetime Pet Wellness is conveniently located on 454 Lazelle Road really close to the Polaris Mall, within about 15 minutes of the Worthington, Polaris (Lewis Center), Westerville and North Columbus area .   You can reach them at 614-888-2100.

Being a dog lover (yes I still love my dog in spite of his quirky behavior) I can totally understand how hard it is to find a good vet.  If you’ve recently moved to the Columbus area, have a dog or cat and are looking for a good vet, I highly recommend them.

A friend sent me this special song – kind of a tribute to man’s best friend.  I hope you enjoy it.

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