Enjoy the Benefits of FREE Realtor Representation when Building a New Home or Condo in Columbus Ohio


Building a new home in the Columbus Ohio area can be challenging. Having an experienced REALTOR® protecting your interests can save time, money and frustration! As a new home specialist, I’ll help you make the best choices for your new home, AT NO COST TO YOU! Plus I provide FREE interior design services, to help make your new home your castle!

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I have helped many buyers successfully build their new home in Central Ohio and know many ways to save you money, in the process. One great advantage to working with me as your personal buyer’s agent, is I can also show you existing homes, to help compare and determine your best option. In addition, I can provide data on history and recent sales, to help you get the best price on any home you choose to buy.

Since I work for you, not the builder, I look out for your best interests. You’ll benefit from FREE Realtor Representation, when you put my experience with Columbus Ohio Home Builders to work for you!

Reputable Columbus Ohio new home builders in Central Ohio are “ONE PRICE” builders. Meaning the price of the home is the same whether you have a REALTOR® represent you or not. Just like the seller of an existing home, the builder pays the buyer agent’s coop fee, for bringing a new home buyer. Therefore, it costs you nothing to have realtor representation!

Builders set aside a portion of their marketing budget to encourage realtors to bring their clients, and this does not affect the cost of the home. As a matter of fact, builders expect, desire and encourage realtor participation because we bring them a large percentage of their business. You do not get a discount off the price of the home for not having a realtor represent you.

Petra is here to help you make the best choices and find the right home builder for your lifestyle and budget, AT NO COST TO YOU!

Please share info about your dream home below, or call Petra at 614-746-2115

Why use a Realtor when building my home?

You need someone looking out for your best interests! Suppose you were the defendant in an upcoming court case. Would you want the Plaintiff's attorney representing both sides? No! Remember, the builder has a dedicated sales representative whose job is to:

  • Make sure you only buy from them.
  • Sell the home for the highest possible price.
  • Sell you highly profitable extras for the home.
  • Protect the best interest of the builder.


"Petra, Thanks so much for: #1 Your patience and appropriate guidance during the search for my "perfect" Westerville home! Your individual emails with house/condo ideas were helpful, but all the times you met with me to show me what was on the market were appreciated. #2 Thank you for your help with making interior design selections in my new build condo. Your suggestions definitely enhanced the beauty of my new condo and I will enjoy them for years to come. #3 Thanks for the assistance/guidance with financing to help me get the best interest rate possible. #4 Thank you for suggesting the movers; they did a nice job. #5 Thank you for the offer to come back to make sure that the builder does what they have promised to do. You are a guardian angel!” (Mary T. – Bought a new build Condo in Westerville Ohio )

"I just knew that the process of building a new home would be very stressful, but it wasn't with the help of Petra. The whole process was almost too smooth and went very fast, that I couldn't beleive it. Petra was there every step of the way and even provided me with the help of an interior decorator for FREE at the design center. I love my new home and glad I used Petra's services. Thanks!!!!!" (Tamika M. – helped her build a new home in Blacklick Ohio)

"Petra, we would like to thank you for all the work you did in helping us sell our Gahanna home and build our new home in Granville. Your help and guidance made what could have been a stressful time very enjoyable. My wife and I were pleasantly surprised that we were able to sell our home within 20 days at the full asking price. As for your assistance in finding a lot, and a builder to build our dream home, we couldn't have been more pleased, and your free interior design service was invaluable when it came to making design decisions for our new home. Your concern for our satisfaction was obvious and very much appreciated. We would highly recommend your services. Again thank you very much for your help". Michael and Elaine Howley – Sold their home in Westerville Schools - Gahanna area and built a new home in Granville Ohio)

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