Central Ohio Public, Private, Alternative Schools & Ratings

Are schools important to you, when buying your home?  Below is information on Columbus and Central Ohio school districts, Christian schools, private schools, special education, Ohio Department of Education ratings and more. Want to live in a particular elementary, middle or high school boundary?  We can guide you toward homes in those specific neighborhoods. We know Columbus and the schools.  If you have questions about the area or wish to discuss your move, please don't hesitate to CONTACT PETRA at 614-746-2115.

The Ohio Department of Education provides the latest, most accurate report card statistics and ratings for public school districts including:

  • Test Results for school districts and individual schools
  • Yearly Progress Reports
  • 3rd-8th Grade Achievement test results
  • Graduation Test Results
  • Performance Index Scores & History
  • Number of Students in District
  • Demographics breakdown for each school and by district
  • Teacher Education Levels

The Ohio Department of Education does not provide report cards for private schools because they are not required to test their students. However, some private schools do use Ohio Achievement Tests, so you can contact them to inquire about test results. Here are links to public school district report cards.