Important Strategies for Pricing Your Home Accurately to Sell in the Columbus Ohio Real Estate Market

Choose a Realtor That Will Give You an Honest Opinion

Central Ohio real estate values vary and many factors affect your property value. As an experienced Columbus Ohio Real Estate agent, I'll help you determine the right price for selling your Central Ohio home, condo or investment property. Some sellers choose a REALTOR® based on who says their home is worth the most (not realizing some REALTORS® say anything to get your business).

I promise to provide an honest opinion of your property's value so you can determine if it's the right time to sell. I won't inflate the value, just to get the listing.

Find Out What Your Home Is Worth
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What Determines Your Home’s Value?

Regardless what anyone says . . . your home is worth what a qualified buyer is willing to pay, in the current market, which is typically determined by the most recent comparable home sales in your area. You want the most you can get for your home and no buyer wants to pay more than it's worth. It's important you work with an experienced realtor, who will provide accurate data on recent sales and do a careful analysis of your home's features and condition, to determine the right listing price.

Find Out What Your Home Is Worth
Contact Petra at (614) 746-2115

What factors Affect Your Home's Value?

Petra has a keen understanding of Columbus Ohio real estate market conditions and values of homes, condos and investment property in Central Ohio. We can provide a professional Comparative Market Analysis of your property, to help you determine a competitive price range. We'll evaluate your direct competition, your immediate plans and needs, seasonality & timing, recent & current market activity and pricing practices in your area, to establish the right listing price for your property.

Pricing your home accurately is very important! Price it too high and your home can sit on the market and become stale, potentially costing you thousands. Price it too low and you're giving it away. Our goal is to help you accurately price your home, to be competitive in the current Columbus Ohio real estate market and get the return you deserve on your investment.


"Our home sold in only 6 days at 99% of the list price because you listed it at a realistic price and you were helpful and tactful when negotiating the sale and purchase of our homes. Thanks again for all of your help with both houses, we love our new home!"

Benjamin & Tami Walum - Clintonville, Ohio home sellers and buyers

"The experience of selling a home can be complicated and frustrating, especially in the tough buyers market of 2007. Petra helped us sell our home in Blacklick, quickly by pricing it correctly and marketing the property well. She also did a great job with the contract negotiation. I would highly recommend Petra to anyone looking for an experienced and dedicated realtor!"

(Sold her home in Blacklick Ohio in less than 60 days) Dawn Thorne - Blacklick, Ohio home seller


Following are some dangers of over pricing your home:

You will lose the excitement a new listing generates.

Realtors are already working with buyers, who are aware of what is currently on the market and waiting for something new to be listed. Therefore, most activity typically takes place the first 30 days. It is not uncommon, to receive the highest and best offers during this time.

You will lose the most qualified prospects!

Serious buyers know the market, especially if they have a good realtor. If your listing price is more than 10% above market value, potential buyers may not even bother to make an offer. They will not "make an offer" because they will probably never see your home. Buyers view properties within their price range, knowing they cannot afford anything above it.

Overpricing helps sell other, more competitively priced homes first.

Your home may be used to demonstrate the good value of other properties. Your objective should be to enter the market in a position that will attract prospects, not drive them to other homes.

Your home may sit on the market and become stale.

Buyers may wonder why your home has been on the market so long, thinking something is wrong with the property, even after you lower the price. A house can take on a reputation surprisingly fast, so make the most of your entry to the market!

You lose a strong negotiation position when your home is on the market a long time, both financially and mentally.

Buyers will not "rush" to make an offer on an overpriced property and you may feel compelled to accept less when they finally do. If you do get an offer, the contract may fall through because of appraisal problems.